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Wellness on the Go: Taking Flight Part 1: Germs

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hi! We're Lisa from Blue Light Events and Bianca from thriveWLB bringing you some work travel, healthy tips! 

Lisa has been in the event space and onsite for 14+ years while Bianca had 5 years in the same space but is now focused on wellness in corporate environments.

If you’re an event professional you most likely know what it means to live life on the go. We personally know the challenges of trying to keep a routine and live a healthy lifestyle while not being home for a long period of time.  This is what has motivated us to collaborate and put together some things we’ve learned throughout our careers to share with you. 

 Let’s talk flights! This is where it all begins.


The night before your flight try to get as much rest and hydration as possible.

The stress of packing and flying plus the germs that can be found on an airplane (*shudder*) are reasons to start taking immune boosting vitamins before you even leave. We usually start taking vitamins a few days before a flight and will continue to take them throughout our trip up until a few days after returning home. Some of the vitamins we’ve tried and suggest are the following:

Zinc Supplements. Sraight up. Not products containing zinc because they are way less effective, go for the real thing!

BE SURE to never take zinc or really any other vitamins on an empty stomach, you've been warned.

Take it a step further and pack sanitizing wipes to wipe down the area you’re sitting in. You can also pack facial wipes and hand sanitizer to clean your face and hands as desired. Lisa is a germaphobe whereas Bianca believes in a little exposure to germs can actually help you, but we both agree to use sanitizer and wipes sparingly but definitely in the ickiest of situations.

Can you guess three of the dirtiest spots on an airplane?!

  • Magazine Holder

  • Tray Table

  • Water (*EEK*) 

We highly suggest wiping down your tray table and avoid using your holder on the back of the seat. Use your facial wipes and hand sanitizer for after trips to the bathroom. Also, think twice about ordering tea and coffee in flight and hit up a Starbucks before boarding.

Thanks for taking flight with us. Stay tuned for our next post!

In the meantime, eat well, hydrate and stay active.

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